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  •  Welcome to our Rust Server
  • This server is for everyone, behave, don't be toxic and no hacks are allowed. Be treated as you want to be treated.
  • We wipe our map every two weeks and the blueprints every month.
  • Server Location Stockholm,
  • Server Adress vanilla.entri.se:
  • Map / Size / Mode / /
  • Players / Max / Average / /
  • Server Version / FPS / OS / /
  •  Map Wipe Schedule
  • Last map wipe July 4th
  • Next map wipe July 18th
  •  Blueprint Wipe Schedule
  • Last blueprint wipe July 4th
  • Next blueprint wipe August 1th
  •  Join our Discord Server...
  • ...to get the latest updates and announcements from our community.
  • We update when we have started to wipe our server, when we update it and many more things.
  •  How to report a player for hacking
  • 1a) Send a email to: report@entri.se with the subject "Hacking Report"
  •  Make sure you include this:
  • b) Your Steam player name and profile link.
  • c) The Steam player name that is hacking(Please send us the Steam name and also the steam64id.)
  • d) Evidence of the player hacking(For example an image of the player flying or a video that the player aimbotting or also a picture in the combatlog if you got killed.)